Hi Everyone! Mommy finally figured out how to help me prop my arms so that I can really catch some air during tummy time! Who knew that I could lift my head up so high? For some stupid reason, Mommy thought she was being helpful by putting my arms out to the side…and then she couldn’t figure out why I spent so much time on my face! She’s a rookie, that Mommy! Good thing she finally helped me to move my arms in front of me! Now I can chill out with elephant on my blanket….

And even practice reaching for him……

Mommy LOVES how I look like such a big boy when I’m in this pose!

I know, I know….I am SO damn cute!

I’ve got this tummy thing down, don’t I??!

Whooooah!!! Maybe not! Mommy laughed pretty hard when I fell over, but if I had just had a little more momentum, this would’ve been a ROLL over. Yeah, take that people! I didn’t just eat it, I was practicing rolling over! Duh!
Ummm……Mommy? Can you help a boy out here?????


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