Dear Max,

Happy three month birthday my beautiful boy! You’ve been celebrating this big milestone by doing some very big boy things….

Two nights ago, you had a bottle around 9pm and then slept until 4 am. Last night you had a bottle at 7 pm, fell asleep at 7:45, and then woke up at 2:45 am to have your next bottle! That’s almost 8 hours between bottles, and 7 hours of sleep in a row! That’s pretty impressive, especially since we took you out for sushi from 8-9 last night while you were asleep! Then you woke up again at 7 am, and I just gave you another bottle.

We were rocking in the rocking chair together around 7:30 am, when you nuzzled your little head underneath my neck. I looked down at you, and you gave me the biggest smile, nuzzled into me some more, and fell asleep. You are such an affectionate baby….you grab our hands to hold them when we’re feeding you. You wrap one arm around my neck when I’m holding you against my chest. You give us a big bright smile when we walk into the room as you wake up.

You’re also starting to use your hands so much more. Your tight little baby fists have opened up to busy little boy hands. Your fingers are wide open and exploring, and you like to grab anything you can find. Mommy’s hair, Daddy’s shirt, the burp cloth that you are leaning on, and even your toys! You’re starting to reach out and grab toys, and bring things toward your mouth. After I saw how you responded to the colorful scarves and toys at music class last week, I brought out a sheer blue scarf for you to play with at home. You quickly became very busy holding it, tasting it, and feeling it between your fingers.

Daddy helped you to grab the ring that was above your bouncy seat, and you held on tight! The picture is a little hard to decipher, but that’s you behind those toys, holding on for dear life! You can see your little hand gripping the red toy…

The only problem was, you couldn’t figure out how to let go….so you got a little upset! That’s ok….we’re still working on concepts like cause and effect….and “release”!

The other day you were such a big helper when I was changing your diaper… grabbed your onesie and lifted it up for me! Unfortunately, by the time I could grab my camera you had lowered your little shirt already (you had pulled it up to your chest all by yourself!), but you can still get the idea from these pictures….

Little Max, every day is a new adventure with you. Daddy and I love to cover you with kisses and listen to you babble to us. We love watching you explore and watching you grow and change every day.

What a happy, happy three months this has been my son!!




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