You’re not going to believe this….

Max celebrated his 3 month birthday today with an enormous milestone…..

It was 9:30 am and we were letting Daddy sleep in. Max was practicing tummy time on his blanket downstairs. He had lots of things to tell me, and he wanted to make sure that Butterfly was listening closely too. In case the video (above) wasn’t enough, Max asked me to document everything with photos just in case anyone doubted Mommy’s story….

Hey Butterfly! Pay close attention to what I’m about to do, OK? Seriously….keep your eyes on me….
Are you watching? Here I go!
Hey Mommy! Get this action shot!!
Oooof. That was kind of a rough landing…..
Ah, Butterfly? If I kick my legs like this, do you think I can get back up?
Seriously Dude. I’m stuck. Any ideas?
Whatever Man. We’ll just chill here for a while. Or at least until Mommy picks me up so that she can watch me roll over AGAIN. Seriously Mom. I know I’m talented and all, but you’ve seen this show five times now. Can I just rest here for a while??


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