Hey everybody….it’s me, Max! My mom usually gets to write everything for me, but not today!

So check this out….

Before I was born…..well, WAY before I was born….my Mommy and Daddy got married at this cool place in Napa. And at their wedding, they had lots of special treats for all of their friends and family. They were so excited to give everyone a sweet cookie surprise at the end of the night, especially because it was from one of their favorite hidden places….Bakesale Betty in Oakland. I’m totally not old enough to know if this is true or not, but I’ve heard that her cookies are pretty fierce. And her banana bread is to die for. Mommy and Daddy shared both of those treats with everyone at their wedding, and Betty herself has a special place in their hearts (not only does she give things out for free to all her customers, but she made hundreds of cookies for their wedding and packaged them all in pretty bags with pink ribbon. Why? Because my mommy really likes pink. Good thing I was born a Max and not a Madalyn, or I’d be DROWNING in pink right now….blech!) Anyway….obviously I take after my mommy because right now I am on a total tangent….

SO, today we headed to this place called Berkeley (where Daddy says the crazy people live, and Mommy just rolls her eyes at him) to fix The Great Sofa Debacle of 2009. On the way there, we got to go to Bakesale Betty because we were finally in the area. They have these killer chicken sandwiches there, and Betty has quite a cult following at lunch time. I have no idea what “cult following” means, but we waited in line for a long time, and then we ate on the sidewalk while sitting on stools and leaning over ironing boards. Well, Mommy and Daddy did. I hung out in my stroller and enjoyed the cool breeze. I live in Dublin, so I’m not used to cool breezes like that. Again…..digressing.

Well, after my Mommy and Daddy ordered one of each kind of cookie, a scone, two fried chicken sandwiches, a strawberry shortcake, a Diet Pepsi and a Frozen Lemonade (I hope they don’t mind me telling you this!) I finally got to meet Betty herself!
I guess the blue hair helps her to make so many delicious treats. Maybe when I’m older I’ll be able to taste a few cookies for myself! I’m thinkin’ chocolate chip may just be my all-time favorite…..or maybe Betty’s famous ginger snap!


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  1. I had to do a double take on the picture when the post showed up in my reader – I saw it before I read the subject and thought 'Why is Kim wearing a wig? Is Mom hair that bad?!'

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