Max is 12 weeks old today, and he is doing so many new things!

  • Max is a total stud when it comes to tummy time. He can prop himself up on his arms and hold his head up high. Sometimes he likes to just lay there on his face and put his fist in his mouth, but when he’s feeling brave he can definitely prop himself up and look out at the world.
  • Max is drinking anywhere from 3.5 to 5 ounces at a time. He usually tops out at a total of around 27 ounces each day. We had to start thinking about buying bigger bottles, which makes me REALLY sad. He’s too little for big bottles! Here’s a comparison (yes, one has formula in it, and one just has water….it hasn’t been mixed up yet…it’s just for show)
  • Max loves to smile and laugh… us, at his toys, at the light coming through the window. He definitely recognizes us and responds when we talk to him. He babbles and makes lots of different noises. He giggles at us and has three hundred different types of smiles.
    He gives the most beautiful “Good Morning” smiles when we come into his room as he wakes up each morning…..because yes,
  • He is sleeping in his big boy crib now! Max was getting too big for the Co-Sleeper….every night he would turn himself diagonally until he was touching either side of the darn thing. So we put him in his crib, and he happily streeeeetches out and gives a little wiggle, then settles in for a comfy sleep. He still does the 7-9 am shift in the swing in our room, but that’s more for Mommy and Daddy’s sake! We’ve been actually “putting him to bed” after his evening feeding (apparently babies are supposed to have their own bedtime…who knew?) and he’s doing so well! Most of the time we rock him gently for just a few minutes and put him down in his crib. He talks to himself for a while, listens to his Sleep Sheep, and then drifts off. He still doesn’t sleep through the night, because he’s a hungry guy and can’t seem to fill up his belly enough before bedtime, but…
  • He is sleeping for longer periods of time at night. He can usually go 4-5 hours each stretch, and surprised us once with 8 hours between feedings. It hasn’t happened since, which is probably good because we were so scared that something was wrong with him that we woke him up.
  • Max’s naps and daytime schedule are getting a little more predictable. He will usually take a 45 -90 minute nap after his first morning feeding (just long enough for Mommy to shower and get ready if she moves really fast). He usually goes about 3 hours between feedings during the day, and is getting better at afternoon naps (especially if he’s in the car seat, stroller, or our arms).
  • Max’s movements are becoming less reflexive and more purposeful. He is reaching toward toys, grabbing things, and putting them in his mouth. He’s exploring the world with his tongue and likes to slobber on your shoulder when you hold him up. He’ll taste burp rags, toys, your sweater….and will make a face to let you know if it was delicious or not. He will “hold” us when we pick him up, with an arm around our shoulder. Sometimes he will reach for our hand when we’re next to him, or will put his hand on our arm to help push the bottle into his mouth when we’re feeding him. Sometimes he even puts both hands on either side of the bottle, to “help” us!
  • Max totally knows what’s going on around him. He stops crying when he sees his bottle. He wiggles and squirms when he’s about to go onto the changing table. He arches his back and straightens his feet when he’s headed for his car seat and he doesn’t want to go in.
  • His favorite toys are his friends Turtle and Butterfly. He can inch toward them during tummy time if we let him push off on our hands. He loves looking at lights and shadows, and loves to watch Mommy and Daddy and track us as we walk in and out of rooms.

This little guy, our beautiful son, is truly the light of our lives. He is a joy to love, a bright spot of sunshine every minute of every day, and the ultimate blessing. He is so FUN, so alert and aware, so interactive, and so darn cute! We can’t wait to see what all of his tomorrows will bring!


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