Even the neighbors have their lights off and shades drawn this early in the morning. It’s still dark out, and Max and I are sitting in the recliner in the nursery. He’s snuggled against me drinking a bottle at 4:20 am. He drank the entire 4 ounces. Changed his diaper and turned off the light. Rocked him for a few minutes until his body went limp and his breathing slowed. Put him gently in his crib. It’s pitch black, and I sit quietly in the recliner as he rustles around in his crib. I can hear his legs kicking against the sheet, and the sound of his arms stretching over his head. He makes a contented little groaning noise as he stretches, and then settles into peaceful quiet. The room is still. His breathing is soft and you can barely hear each breath. I sit in the recliner until I am sure that he is completely asleep, and then tiptoe over to the crib to check on him. The room is quiet, he is completely still, and I lean over him to look at his little face. His eyes are closed……and then all of a sudden…


Max laughs out loud, opens his eyes, and gives me a chuckle! I jump back from the crib, heart pounding, not sure whether I should laugh or pee my pants. I’m so scared by the exorcist baby that is now in Max’s crib, that I slowly walk back to the recliner and sit down. After listening to him breathe for a few minutes, I walk out of the nursery and back to the bedroom. Did I imagine this? Nope….it is 5 am, and my 3 month old baby just laughed his ass off at me!


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