My Baubee bought me this great little lovey….it’s so soft in the middle, and silky on the edges. Baubee says it’ll help me to sleep better…..hmmmmm……ok!

I’m still so small that my lovey covers me like a blanket. But as I grow it will be the perfect size to hold on to and tuck under my head when I rest. Tonight I got to snuggle underneath it because I was NAKED (well….I had a diaper on) while Mommy was feeding me. My bottle leaked all over my jammies, so Mommy took them off and just tucked me under my lovey….ahhhh….snuggly!


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  1. My suggestion…have your mom buy 5other of the same one!!! Then tuck them into a drawer for later! We are dying here with only one lambie!

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