Max found his hands today! It wasn’t like they were missing or anything, he just hadn’t figured out that he owned them and they were attached to his arms….until now.

While Max was in his car seat today, he had his hands folded across his chest and was looking down at them for a loooong time, as if to say “Hey….what are THESE?” Then, the whole way home, I could see him in the mirror trying to stuff his entire fist in his mouth! He’d get a few fingers in, gag himself, remove his hand, and try again. He’s always moved his hands around a lot, and would sometimes even put them on his face (or wack himself in the head), but not on purpose….just baby reflexes so far. Today he would rub his eyes when he was tired, and use his hands intentionally.

He has always grabbed our fingers when they’re close by, but tonight he saw my hand, reached up into the air, found my finger, and held on tight. It takes some serious smarts and hand-eye coordination to do that folks…..this kid is BRILLIANT, I tell you!


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