Susie, Matt and Jack came over to help us eat what Daddy was grillin’ today. While the big boys hung outside to tend to the meat, the little boys stayed inside where it was nice and cool. Max’s Baubee had her hands full with TWO of the cutest babies in town…. They may not have been aware that their future best friend was RIGHT beside them, but at least now they know to play to the camera when the paparazzi swarms in….

“Don’t worry Max, when the mommies stop taking these shots we can go back to just chillin'”
“Hey Jack, glad you got the memo that we were supposed to wear stripes today!”

Then the Daddies came back inside to check on their boys, and we all sat down for a feast of pulled pork sandwiches, home-made coleslaw, and corn. Another relaxing Sunday, just chillin’….and grillin’.


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