At our 2 month appointment, the doctor asked us a number of questions about Max’s development.
“Is he practicing holding his head up and pushing up on his forearms?” Of course! He’s super strong, though sometimes he bashes his head into my shoulder when he gets tired. Or my collarbone. Or my necklace, or my arm…. “Is he tracking things from side to side with his eyes?” Like Mom or Dad when we walk by? Of course! “Is he responding to toys that make noise?” WHAT? Now why would a 2 month old need toys that made noise? He has us! We talk to him, sing to him, play with him….

So we came home and got some toys out of Max’s basket. The basket that was for “when he gets bigger and knows what toys are”. Turns out, this butterfly makes noise!

Max was very surprised!
Daddy said “Don’t worry Max, I’ll help you. To make a friend, you have to BE a friend. So introduce yourself to Butterfly!”

Turns out, Max had many things to say to Butterfly….
Hey Butterfly…do you like my super cool RockStar shirt? My friend Caleb (he’s big) gave it to me. Now squeak if you think I’m cute, and I’ll smile for you….
Hey Butterfly! Peep my kicks! Yep…my buddy Jack had some sneaks on when we hung out downtown last week, and I told my mom I needed some. Turns out, I had gotten them as a gift before I was even BORN, and they were in my closet already!
Well Butterfly, thanks for hangin’ with me. How ’bout we meet up again tomorrow….same time, same place, same sofa?


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