Max went to see Dr. L today for his 2 month check-up…and he’s growing in all the right ways! The scale below says 11 lbs 6 oz, but minus the diaper he’s about 11 lbs 5 oz. He is 22.5 inches, and hitting all of his milestones!
Daddy had a little chat with Max before he got his shots. Something about not being a wimp, apparently….because Max only cried for a few short seconds! What a tough guy……
We feel very fortunate that Max hasn’t had any significant side effects from the shots yet. He was a little sleepy though…….
Note from the next morning: Most babies sleep for a loooong time after shots. Most sleep for a loooong time after having baby tylenol for most of the day. Not our little night owl! After this adorable family shot, he proceeded to wake up every three hours on the dot….just like he always does! We sure love our little alarm clock!


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