Max LAUGHED for the first time today! Even funnier? The reason why….

For some odd reason, I decided that when I was feeding Max this afternoon I needed to have something covering my lap. Maybe it was because I had a white skirt on. Maybe it was because for the first time in 9+ months I actually thought that my outfit looked cute. Maybe it was mother’s intuition…..shit, I guess that’s really kicked in! Or maybe it was just the quick realization that since Max’s tummy and legs had graduated from Newborn diapers to Size 1 diapers, his butt had not. Yep….he has the Simon butt….and it means that he can’t exactly hold his diapers up THAT well yet.

Which meant…

Poop explosion. All over mom. Not just a little drip, but actual poop….OUT of the diaper and on to (thank god) the lap pad that was covering my skirt.

So Dad jumped off of the counter (where he was hanging the new pendant lamps in our kitchen) and came over to save the day.

AND….there I was, rinsing out Max’s onesie in the bathroom sink while Sean was putting a new diaper on him…..and I hear Max LAUGHING. So I yell to Sean “Is that what I think it is??” and he yells back….”YEP! He thinks this is hysterical!”

Thank god our son has a good sense of humor.


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