Two years ago today, Sean and I were married in a gorgeous ceremony at the Carneros Inn in Napa. We were so blessed to have our friends and family with us, and we had so much fun at the party of a lifetime.

Take a trip down memory lane with us (but be sure to read the directions below first!)…..

1. Towards the bottom of your screen you’ll see “Same Day Edits”. Click on it.
2. At the end of the list on the left hand side you’ll see our names. Except it says “Kim and Shawn”. Well, it might not for long, because Kerrin reads this blog and I’m sure she’ll have Alex change it to “Sean” shortly 😉 Either way, that’s us. Click on us, and you’ll see why I don’t need any more words…..Lumitone’s beautiful video says what words simply can’t.

Sean and I are blessed beyond belief. Blessed to have each other, blessed to have the support of such wonderful families and friends, and blessed to have our beautiful little guy Max. Thank you all so much for walking this wonderful road with us!


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