Max is 8 weeks old today, and he just keeps growing and growing!

At the doctor’s office last week we found out that he was 10 pounds 4 ounces and 22 inches long!

We’ve officially retired most of his “newborn size” clothes….they were so small that his pants looked like shorts, and he couldn’t stretch his legs out in his pj’s with “feet” in them. The 0-3 size clothes have now moved from the closet to the dresser drawers…with so many awesome gifts from our family and friends, it’s like Max has a brand new wardrobe every time he outgrows something!
Our little guy has the cutest personality, and it’s amazing to watch it emerge a little more every day. He makes the greatest noises as he’s testing out his language skills….cooing, grunting, squeaking. He can follow us with his eyes when we walk around him. He is sooo active…kicking his legs, arching his back, waving his arms. He doesn’t like “tummy time” on the play mat so much, but loves to lie on one of us and push up on his arms and lift his head. His neck is so strong! It’s gotten harder to burp him now because he likes to push up and lift his head to look around. When he starts to fall asleep he lies there and wiggles for a bit, talking to himself the whole time. He’s also started to anticipate things, and quiets down when we put a bib on him, because he knows that a bottle is coming. He’s also starting to reach for us, and when we hold him, he holds us back!
Max has the greatest smiles, and they come at the funniest times. For some reason, he had a great laugh over his mommy changing his diaper on the back seat of the Hummer today….I appreciated his good humor, because it was an especially challenging task for me! (For those of you who haven’t heard, my 5’3″ self is driving a bright red RENTAL Hummer due to a huge fiasco last week that involved our new neighbor backing out of her garage way too fast as I was driving by…..)
As for Max’s sleep, well, it’s still hit and miss. He’s on 3 hour cycles at night, and you could literally set your watch by this kid. I had to laugh when I realized that the pictures I wanted to post today were all of him SLEEPING though. He’s just trying to fool you!
Max loves to snuggle….
Ahhhh…relaxing after a long day at the office…..Daddy and Max fell asleep together last night. Max didn’t even wake up when Daddy’s hand (with the pacifier) fell out of his mouth…

We have many more pictures to share with you, and more stories to tell. Max’s Nana, Aunt Jeanette, and cousins Shelby and Alec are visiting us, and we will be posting pictures from their trip soon!

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