The baby brigade continues to grow, and today we were thrilled to be celebrating Kerrin and Alex as they get ready to welcome baby Nathaniel in August!

Kerrin, Kerry and Jenny are dear friends who I met when I worked at the adoption agency in the East Bay. They are truly my lifeline, and their “mommy wisdom” is priceless! We’ve gone from laughing our asses off in eachother’s offices to celebrating birthdays, weddings, and babies together. They are such a blessing in my life, and I always feel so much better after we spend time together!

The shower was at Kerry and Mike’s GORGEOUS new home, and it was the perfect day to be out in the sunshine honoring the mom and dad-to-be.

Max was excited to meet Caleb (and hopes to meet Heidi soon!). Caleb has some pretty cool big boy toys in his backyard, so Max will definitely be back to eat some dirt from the sandbox, drive the tractor, and play at the train table as soon as he can! He loved the warm summer weather, sat on my lap and made baby noises, watched Kerrin open her presents, and spent some time hangin’ with Daddy and the boys. And then he passed out….

Everything I needed to know about being pregnant I’ve learned from Kerry and Jenny……so I’ve been really looking forward to showing off our little finished product to them! Here is one of the first shots of Max with “the girls”!
Nathan, we can’t wait to meet you! We adore your mom and dad, and know that they will be fantastic parents! We’re so glad you’re almost here! Max is ready to pass the baby torch on to you, and we’re thrilled to welcome the newest little member of our group.

Thanks for a great afternoon ladies!

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