Max is six weeks old tomorrow, which means that….

He is a BIG boy. Well, bigger than he was last week. And the week before that.

It also means that I am through the hardest part of my c-section recovery, and will be allowed to lift things again (like Max’s carseat and stroller).

Which means….

that Max and I can start to go on lots of adventures together!

We took a practice run with Daddy today, and drove into the city to drop Daddy off to meet a friend for lunch. Then Max and I drove ALONE (for the first time!) to my office to meet all of my co-workers who were waiting to see him! Max had lots of ladies fighting over him…they wanted to cuddle him, sing to him, feed him….they were even excited to change his diaper (be my guest!)

The biggest test came when we drove back to get Daddy, and Max hated the city traffic and started screaming in the car. So what’s a rookie mom to do when for the first time ever there is NO adult in the backseat to calm him down?? Start SINGING, of course! (We started this the other night when Max was fussy and we sang a song about Baubee…and he stopped crying). My girlfriends will be happy to know that they saved the day in the car today, because they were the stars of our song…..the one that I made up, about all of the friends that Max is going to meet at Kerrin’s baby shower this weekend…..

“Kerry is Caleb’s mommy, and Kerry is our friend.
Kerry is Caleb’s mommy, and Caleb is our friend.
Jenny is Heidi’s mommy, and Jenny is our friend.
Jenny is Heidi’s mommy, and Heidi is our friend.
Kerrin is going to be a mommy, and Kerrin is our friend.
Kerrin will be Nathan’s mommy, and Nathan will be our friend.”

We sang some extra verses about Susie and Jack, and another special verse for Kerry and how Caleb will teach Max about being a big boy…..and then I was trying to concentrate on crossing Market St. without running over any tourists and I started mixing up the names of moms and babies….but soon enough I realized that the crying had……stopped! And then it started again, and then I started singing louder, and then it stopped!

Needless to say, we are singing about EVERYTHING now. Poor kid. His Mommy’s voice isn’t that great. But for some crazy reason, the “Max has a clean tushie” song really works at diaper time!


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  1. Ahhh, memories! Alone in a car with a crying baby! And they worry about us talking on the phone?? No, they should be way more worried about me finding a pacifier in the back seat, handing back water and snacks, and reaching for the tractor that fell to the side of the car!
    Oh, and a song suggestion….BINGO, but you can use lots of names. Funny how almost all of Caleb's cousin's names are 5 letters, and if not, you add a Y! You can sing CALEB and HEIDI to Max! It is also fun to clap while trying to drive!

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