It’s so nice to have friends and family so close by now! This past Wednesday Max and Jack strolled through their very first First Wednesday in downtown P-Town. They didn’t partake in the beer garden, the kabob stands, the cupcakes, or the free music, but they definitely enjoyed the fresh air! In fact, our great little sleepers allowed us to sit down for some apps and drinks on the patio of Blue Agave. Thanks boys!

Sus and I roll through First Wednesdays a little differently than we used to!

Max and Jack have no idea that their future best friend is in the stroller RIGHT NEXT TO THEM! In fact, they may not even know that they’re at First Wednesday’s at all! We’re also so excited that Uncle Scott has moved to San Francisco! He joined us for sushi last week, and was my co-pilot on my very first “behind the wheel” excursion since my surgery! Uncle Scott is great at holding babies….now we just have to initiate him with some dirty diapers!


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