Our good friends Tiffany and Josh sent us a Moby Wrap as a gift, and I was finally feeling brave enough to try it on! For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about….a Moby Wrap is a baby carrier/sling so that you can “wear” your baby. It’s attachment parenting at it’s finest people 🙂 Now the hard part about the Moby is that it is one loooooooooong piece of fabric that you have to wrap yourself in. There’s twists and turns and folds and then you tie a few boyscout knots, and then you slide your baby in the little pocket like you’re a kangaroo. Once you’re all tied up, it should look like this (see sleeping baby above). With his head on my heart and his little body in the fetal position, he went right to sleep hallucinating that he was tucked back in my womb. Only problem? The wrap is REALLY WARM. I carried Max around that way for about 20 minutes, tried to eat some dinner since my hands were free (still hard to not drop macaroni casserole on his head though, when he’s resting right on my chest), and then just about had heat stroke so I had to take him out. His poor little face was all red where he had been pressed against me, and all of the fuzzy hair that he has was wet and sweaty! He may have to go “diaper only” the next time we wrap!


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