Happy One Month Birthday to our beautiful, strong, brilliant baby boy! Max, you continue to impress and inspire us with your little personality, your sweet baby noises, and all of the new things that you see and do in your new world. We love you, and we’re so excited to see what the next month will bring!

As of this morning, you BARELY fit in some of your newborn size onesies! You are officially needing your 0-3’s now! You also had some “awake time” on your play mat, and Mommy was able to complete her first chore “with Max” (folding lots of laundry!).
You’ve become a VERY active little boy, and you love to take in your surroundings and gaze at new things. You’re fascinated by the ceiling fan, and we can already tell that you’re taking stock of all of the shapes, colors, and noises around you. Yesterday Aunt Katie read you a story (“I Love You Stinky Face”) and you actually looked at the pages! You loved hearing her “story voice”, and it calmed you down! You can “scoot” across your play mat now (with a little help from Dad). You try to hold your own pacifier or help us to hold your bottle. You are always kicking your little legs and waving your arms. Your big, dark blue eyes look right at us when we’re holding you, and sometimes they even track what we’re doing around the room!
You’re so smart and active and alert, that you think sleeping is over-rated! You like to take a long nap in the early evening, but then there’s so much for you to do every two hours at night! Every two hours means that you eat for 45 minutes (sometimes 1.5 oz, sometimes 2, sometimes even 3-4!). Then we change you, then we burp you, then we rock you a bit, then you usually spit up and we wipe you up….then we’re about an hour or so in to the cycle, and when we finally all fall asleep, you wake up again in about 45 minutes! Hooray!!

Now that you’re a big one month old, Mommy and Daddy are getting smarter about all of your tricks. We’re going to try some new things….like changing your diaper BEFORE you eat your midnight snacks, cutting your long afternoon nap from 3-4 hours down to 2, talking to the Dr about why your little nose is so stuffy and asking if that is waking you up, and realizing that maybe you’re not so hungry in the night, you just need a little cuddle. This morning, Daddy stretched the cycle out to 3 hours by helping you go back to sleep instead of sticking a bottle in your mouth. Then Mommy tried the same thing the next cycle, and cuddled you in bed for an extra hour when you woke up. Hmmm…are we on to something here? I mean, we LOVE this sleepy face…..so if you could just “bring it” between 10 pm and 7 am….we’d be so appreciative! Maybe that can be one of our goals for your NEXT month of life! Happy one-month birthday cutie pants!

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