Jack’s Grandma and Grandpa threw a little party, so we all put on our cutest outfits and joined them for some P-Town partyin’. This was probably the first time that we’ve been out of the house for a social event in…oh…..four weeks???! We were a little delirious, but it was well worth it!

Max and Jack were the life of the party, and slept through the entire thing.
We’ve come a long way from how our parties USED to be. These days, we’re easily entertained and had to take some pictures of the boys’ little baby feet.

There was no shortage of friends to cuddle them, and it was great to see everyone and get some fresh air in Pam and Pat’s backyard! Here’s Jack’s Grandma Pam showing Max some love….
In true “Roomie Fashion”, there was a cocktail menu that announced the signature drink, named after little Jack!

It must be SUMMER!

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