1. Max’s eyelashes are getting so long! His beautiful eyes are straight from Daddy’s gene pool, but I’ll take full responsibility for Max’s lips thank you very much!

2. Max is superman strong. When he’s on his tummy, he lifts his head up and tries to scoot his body around.

3. Max is making lots of little noises all the time now. I’m convinced these are the early beginnings of verbal prowess. Or as Sean says, “He’s probably going to talk alot, just like his Mommy”.

4. Random and only sort of Max related…..I took the last strips of surgical tape off of my C-section incision the other day….freaky and weird! Apparently you’re supposed to leave the last few pieces on until “2 to 3 weeks after your surgery”. Ok, so I waited the full 3 weeks. What if it was the only thing holding me together?? I had seen my incision scar before, but once it was free from any last remaining tape I took a good look at it and saw………..that it was CROOKED!! That damn Dr. N did me crooked!!! Or as Sean said “Well, he did look kind of tired that night”. Actually, my C-section incision is totally Max-related. I was reading an article the other day about C-section recovery and someone had written that as hard as it is, and as long as the recovery process takes, your scar/incision is something that connects you to your child forever, signaling that you belong together. Awwwww. Now if only I could f-ing drive soon, or lift the carseat, or sleep on my belly again. Sighhhhhhh.

5. We took Max to run some errands yesterday. He started SCREAMING full force in Pier 1. Took him out of his stroller and Sean carried him around. Lady in Pier 1 remarked on what an adorable (and tiny) baby he was. Then she congratulated us on “being out of the house…..my husband and I always say that when we have a baby, we’re not going to be one of those couples whose lifestyle changes. We’re going to do all of the same things that we used to do, and just bring the baby with us.” Oh yeah Lady? F you! We said the exact same thing circa 2 months ago, but once you are actually home with your real live baby and you are waking up every two hours at night to feed him, and your boobs hurt so bad because you are pumping all the damn time and you haven’t showered in forever and you’ve been wearing the same ponytail/glasses combo for three weeks straight and you’re still in your maternity pants because even though you don’t look pregnant your C-section scar is still red and raw and conveniently placed EXACTLY where the waistband of all of your panties and cute low-rise pants hit so you may not wear anything stylish again or at least not until you heal which could be in three weeks or it could be NEVER because you live in a 3 story house and you continue to go up and down the stairs even though the Dr. told you not to because you sleep on one level and eat on the other level and you’re always leaving something on the level that you’re not on anymore and one can only ask their husband to go BACK upstairs to switch the laundry so many times when the baby has barfed on the changing table pad again and you have to make sure to wash it and then you realize that you left your pumping stuff downstairs because you are SO TIRED that you can’t remember what sink you washed it in…you just hope it wasn’t the sink that you rinsed out Max’s pants in, after he pooped through his diaper and onto his clothes….lady, you forget that you ever said a baby wouldn’t change your life one bit, and before you know it, you are at Pier 1 at 3 pm on a Monday afternoon and you are looking at your husband as he’s contemplating vases for the family room and adoring every little bit of him as he’s holding the amazing child that you birthed and you’re thanking god that you are out of the house at all, even if you are among the Summer Candle Sale and all of the wicker patio furniture. And yes, my kid is damn cute, isn’t he?

And then you realize that being your child’s parent is exactly what matters, and you look forward to the scrunched up face that your little boy makes as he’s waking up from a nap, and you crave the warm little cuddly peanut shape that he makes when he curls up on your chest after you’ve burped him, and you know, without a doubt, that the changes he’s made to your life are absolutely worth every sleepless second, and every new beginning that your family will go through is exactly where you are supposed to be.


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