Am I the luckiest woman in the world, or what?! Watching a baby nap….it’s good for endless hours of entertainment!

I still can’t get over how tiny he is….and the fact that we created this amazingly beautiful, peaceful (well, most of the time!), perfect human being.

Max makes the best faces when he’s starting to wake up. I’m convinced that he knows how cute he looks, and lets his little personality shine through. He might be (barely) three weeks old, but he’s a charmer 🙂

Our absolute favorite “Max face”….raised eyebrows and all! We are so looking forward to watching more of his little personality emerge with every new day!


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  1. Love the new pictures! Thanks for keeping your blog up to date, I love hearing and seeing Max "grow up"!! He is just adorable, I can't wait to get my hands on him! I will call you Monday. Happy 3 week birthday to Max and Happy Father's Day to Sean!!

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