Max met with the lactation consultant again today (actually, he just tagged along for the ride while Mommy and Daddy had a little chat with her about the pros and cons of The Great Breastfeeding Debacle).

Fortunately, Max didn’t have to perform at all this time. He just sat in his car seat and listened to us ask questions. He did have a big weigh-in though, and our little guy now tips the scale at a whopping 7 pounds! We sure THOUGHT that his clothes were fitting him differently! And sure enough, that’s why! Max was starting to feel humiliated by having to wear preemie clothes, so he started eating more and now he fills out his “newborn size” clothes quite well!

Lactation Lady had some interesting feedback about Max’s looooooooong crying spells every evening. Ummmmm…..maybe he’s still hungry???? Wow….Mommy and Daddy missed the boat on that one. We thought it was gas. Apparently babies sometimes like a bigger meal once in a while, and now that he’s getting bigger, he’s going to need more and more. Duh, right? Well, just like we never really prepared for anything other than a natural childbirth (and got a C-section), we never really prepared for formula feeding (and ended up with formula supplements and The Great Breastfeeding Debacle). Sorry Max…your parents are rookies. But we’ll learn these things together! Lactation Lady also mentioned that maybe the reason why you’re waking up every two hours at night (other than the fact that you’re a baby, of course) when you used to be able to go for longer, is because you’re…..drum roll please….still hungry!!!!!! Wow. 2 points for Max. 0 points for Mommy and Daddy thinking you’re just restless and over your Co-Sleeper.

Max says: Screaming my head off makes me exhausted!!!
LOVE the arm across the eyes…this kid is ALL personality! Look at the belly on our little 7-pounder! He loves to sleep like this…even though it worries me that his head gets tweaked like that, he seems perfectly comfortable!
Daddy knows that “skin to skin” is a great way to calm Max down….and it works! Max loves being held, loves being close to us, and is usually best soothed when he’s skin to skin with Mom or Dad. Who can blame him? 😉 Here he is, chillin’ with Daddy for a nap…


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