Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been posting quite a bit more at night lately. Why? Let’s just say that babies are eating machines. And pooping machines. And just when you think the cycle is done, it starts all over again.

Due to some minor issues in the hospital, we were supplementing Max’s breastfeeding with formula. Breastfeeding has now become a HUGE issue, and we’re really committed to figuring out how to get it right. I say “we”, because it’s been wonderful to have Sean supporting me every step of the way. He pays attention to every word that the lactation consultant says, and sits right next to me when I nurse to help get Max into the right position or just provide moral support.

A few days ago I went to see a lactation consultant at a new parent’s center that we had joined, and I was less than pleased with her feedback. Anyone who suggests to a new mom (who is incredibly sleep-deprived) that the only way to increase her milk supply is to take on the Olympic challenge of the “Triple Feed” should lose her boob license.

So today we went to see a new lactation consultant…someone who works with the hospital where I delivered. Someone who sat and talked with us for two hours, answered all of our questions about all things boob related (and some other things too…like C-section recovery and dry skin on babies). She was so supportive and non-judgmental, and we came up with a great plan for the next week. Oh, and did I mention that meeting with her was FREE??

But I digress. What I wanted to say was that part of the new plan is that I nurse Max during the day and we give him his formula supplement through this little tube that I actually put in his mouth WHILE he is nursing. It’s an all in one thing. And at night, or as many times as possible during night feedings, Sean will give Max a bottle while I go pump.

So tonight, as I’m sitting here pumping (wow…TMI for you guys, huh?!) Sean and Max came by the pumping station (AKA our guest room) to say hello on their “burp walk”. This is what they shared:

Daddy Lesson #1:

Max learned how to get a couple extra milliliters of formula in. While I was feeding him, I noticed that his belly was hanging over his diaper. He had a “formula belly”. I loosened his diaper, allowing him to fall in to a slight formula stupor and making room for just a few more drinks.


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