Yesterday was a big day for Max, because not only were we celebrating his Daddy’s birthday, but it was Max’s day to officially become a Jewish boy. Yes folks (stop wincing!)….Max was circumcised yesterday!

We were lucky enough to find two pediatricians who are members of the same temple, and have been doing circumcisions in the doctor’s office (complete with yarmulke and the Hebrew blessing, of course!) for many years.

First, Max had his 2 week check-up. He has already surpassed his birth weight, and now weighs 6 lbs 6 oz! I know the scale says 6 lbs 8oz….it finally settled on 6 lbs 7 oz, and then we had to account for an ounce of diaper! Poor guy did not take any time to revel in his success….he was plain pissed that he was nearly naked in a strange place! He has grown just a bit past 19 inches now too!
Dr. G talked to us about many important things, like baby hiccups, spit-up, shots, and Max’s umbilical cord. He was also very impressed with how strong Max was already, and liked how he picked up his head and neck so well when we layed him on his tummy. We’re going to start doing more “tummy time” with Max now, since he is so much more alert this week!
Then we had the big moment…..Mommy leaned up against the wall so she wouldn’t pass out, and big brave Daddy held Max as he became an official member of the tribe. (To protect Max’s privacy, this is the only picture you’ll see of the procedure! Plus, it makes me cry every time I see his little face all scrunched up and upset like that!)
Dr. G gave him some anesthetic, and then did the honors. Dr. F and Mommy said some prayers in Hebrew, and then Max Aidan Simon was given the Hebrew name Mordechai Chaim. Since Max is named after Sean’s Pop-Pop Max, he has the same Hebrew name as Pop-Pop did as well….Mordechai. Max’s middle name (Aidan) honors my Baubee and Sean’s great grandmother, who were Ann and Anna. My Baubee’s Hebrew name was Chana, so we chose Chaim for Max. Together, they can be translated to mean “Warrior of Life”…..and so our boy will be.

And how’s this for an amazing twist? Based on the Jewish calendar, Max arrived into this world on the day that we were commemorating the Yahrzeit for Sean’s Pop-Pop.

We are so proud of your bravery already little Max….welcome to the world of being a Jewish boy, our little Warrior of Life!


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