Well, it’s official. Our little Max is still in the breech position! This means that his head is right up under my rib cage, and his bottom is facing the exit door. Apparently it’s a comfortable position for him, but not an ideal position for delivery. And who can blame him, right? I wouldn’t want to be upside down and under water for any longer than I had to be either!!

We had another doctor’s appointment this afternoon to confirm that he was still breech and discuss our options, and sure enough, he was! For the record, we had a long discussion with the doctor about trying to turn him manually (not a great option, due to the location of the placenta and Max’s exact positioning) and about waiting until next week to see if he’d flip on his own (doubtful, for a number of scientific reasons). We got a chance to see Max on the ultrasound screen, and his heart was beating fast and strong. He had great levels of amniotic fluid around him, and the doctor said the placenta still looked really healthy and good. With all of that information, it made sense to do the C-Section at 39 weeks. Soooo…..we now have a C-Section scheduled for 9:30 am this Friday, May 29th! There is still the potential that I could naturally go into labor prior to Friday, which would mean that we would head immediately to the hospital for a C-Section whenever my water breaks or I start having contractions. So what we know for sure, is that it’s looking like Friday, with the possibility of sooner, depending on when Max decides that it’s the perfect time to make his grand entrance!

Am I nervous? Yep. Am I scared out of my mind about major abdominal surgery while I’m pretty much awake? Uh-Huh. Am I terrified of what recovery from major abdominal surgery will be like. Yes, of course. Am I worried about Max’s health and how he’ll do? Absolutely.

But are we simply amazed and in awe of the fact that our little Max will be in our arms by Friday afternoon at the latest???!!! DEAR GOD YES!!!!!!!!!!

I keep looking at the empty baby swing and imagining him in it. This is going to be one wild and crazy ride 🙂


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  1. Hey, a C-section is NOT that bad…I had two. And, remember, Aaron is a c-section baby, and he is turning out great (for the most part)!

    Another thing…c-section babies don’t look all scrunched up when they are born – they look perfect!!!

    If you have any questions, let me know!


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