Some of my closest girlfriends are also expecting their babies this summer, and we have our very first arrival to report!

Mindy and Brian welcomed their little boy Lev just a few days ago down in San Diego, and we are so thrilled for the new mom and dad! As some of you may know, Mindy and I literally grew up together, as her mom and my mom met in playgroup when we were babies. Mindy was the one who made all of the beautiful jewelry for my wedding. Mindy met her husband on JDate about a month before I met Sean on JDate. They were engaged around the same time we were. They were married around the same time we were. And of course, they found out that they were going to have a boy who was due to arrive on……June 5th, the exact same due date that Max has!!!! Lev came a little bit early, so we’re wondering if Max will continue the trend that Mindy and I have had of doing things at just about the same time!

It makes things VERY real when the Summer babies start to arrive! If all goes as planned, Max is next at bat, and then Susie and Matt’s little Diego has a home game scheduled on June 17th. In the batter’s box is Kerrin and Alex’s little guy, who is due in August. Some other close friends of ours are right behind them…..and so it goes!


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  1. i love all of your stories. i hope you have him soon, i know the last weeks are the hardest. we have changed over 50 diapers in 72 hours already!

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