Norma and the rest of the Toll Brothers team worked so hard to get our house ready for us. I won’t go into details of our bank debacle here, but trust me….it was HORRIBLE. We were so overjoyed (and exhausted!) when we finally got our keys on Friday!

Norma even gave us this enormous welcome basket with lots of great snacks and treats…..and even TP and paper towels for our first 24 hours “at home”!

Susie came over to join us for a pizza lunch on Saturday, and to check out our new digs.
Jason and Rick trekked out to the burbs later that day to deliver the glider for Max’s room and join us for dinner. They also helped us to unpack most of our kitchen……what a HUGE help they were!!!
We are so blessed to have such amazing friends who have rallied around us to make sure that we are taken care of!


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