I know that this blog has been a little quiet lately, so thanks for bearing with us. We’ve been taking some time to try to get used to what our life is like without Rylee….and really, do you EVER get used to that??

So here’s a quick re-cap of what has been going on in the last few days:

1. We’re still in the hotel. Hoping (again) to be out of here this Friday or Saturday, but (as always) we still don’t know for sure. I think the hotel is starting to get to know us. This is either really sad, or kind of nice, depending on how you look at it! Over the weekend they called to check on us to see if we wanted housekeeping services for the day, in case we forgot to ask. Last night at happy hour/free dinner the lady that re-stocks the food came up to me and gave me the last two chocolate chip cookies because she remembered that they ran out last week. And probably because I’m 9 months pregnant and I look really sad.

2. We went to a baby shower/bbq for Susie and Matt on Saturday, and spent some time with the Weiss/Campion clan. Pam made a beautiful quilt for baby Diego, and it had all of our pictures on it so that Diego could see everyone who loves him. It was a beautiful, warm day out, and we had a really nice time celebrating Diego’s upcoming arrival!

3. My mom came up to visit and helped us to prepare some last minute things. We may not have a house, but we now have diapers, wipes, and more “emergency supplies” in case I go into labor while we’re living at Home Sweet Summerfield Suites. There’s something incredibly consoling and hugely helpful about having your mom there to help take care of things. My mom was an awesome trooper, and spent tons of time helping me to sort through baby clothes, organize things by size, shop for every little thing I might need, and bring some humor and support to our rough weekend. She even toughed it out in a Target with no air conditioning (yeah….WTF, right?) on a 100 degree East Bay weekend, helped me to put a plan together and turned my leftover anxiety into a great “To Do” list. Thanks Momma!

Pam Campion was also a huge help in letting us do laundry at her house, and sort through my baby shower gifts. She has made us feel so at home, and it’s such a relief to know that they are cheering us on and here to help us through these crazy days.

4. Quick blood pressure check at the doctor’s on Tuesday. 104/60, so that was great news. And no protein in my urine. HUGE sigh of relief.

5. Had a really nice lunch with Kerry, Kerrin, and Jenny. Heidi and Caleb were there in all of their sweet cuteness too. What a wonderful support system these girls have been, and such a “full circle” moment to watch little Heidi and Caleb babble to each other like old friends. Kerrin is expecting her little guy in August, and the “Mommy Group” continues to grow. Kerry and Jenny have given us some incredibly valuable advice, and Jenny was kind enough to let me borrow some very important “new baby essentials”.

We are blessed to have a great support system in place, and day by day by day….we are slowly pushing through.


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