Even though I hate being in a hotel, and not in our new house, I am just the smallest bit thrilled that we are in THIS hotel. Why? Because we have a full kitchen and a mini living room that is separate from our bedroom. We have a mini walk-in closet. Because it’s clean here. And air conditioned. And we get fresh towels every day. And really, because of all of the free food. Not only do we have free breakfast (even though the eggs are made from powder), but there’s a happy hour that someone (ok….us) could easily turn into dinner if you were feeling sick (us), tired (us), and bitter about having to waste money on a hotel when we have a perfectly beautiful new house that is sitting there vacant because our jack-ass banker still has not sent an appraiser over (yeah…us). But I digress.

So tonight, Sean got home from work and was too sick and exhausted to check out the happy hour with me. So I took my pregnant self over there anyway. Even if I wasn’t nine months pregnant, I always LOVE free food. Let me paint you a picture. I try to get in to the happy hour and the door is locked. Three business men (here on business, because this is a business hotel) jump up to put their key in the door for me because…..umm, maybe because I’m pregnant and I look hungry? I grab a plate. And realize that this is a SPREAD. Shit. I need to get TWICE as much so that I can bring some back for Sean. So there I am, filling up one small plate with TWO servings of everything because I know that Sean is starving and we need to leave for the hospital tour soon. FOUR pieces of pizza, THREE cookies, a huge amount of chips, a pile of cheese and crackers……and people are staring at the plate of precariously balanced food that I keep adding to, and I’m starting to turn red because I’m realizing that they all think that CRAZY PREGNANT WOMAN is going to eat ALL of this HERSELF. Except nine months ago I would have been mortified. And now? I’m nine months pregnant, people. I don’t give a SHIT what you think. And I walk out the door, with my free snacks piled high and a smirk on my face.


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