Today was the day that we moved out of our old house, and said goodbye to our “City Life”. Or as the movers put it “You guys are YOUNG! Why would you want to leave the city??”

What a loooooong day we had!

6:30 am: Alarm goes off. Sean heads out to grab bagels since we’ve now thrown all of our food away. He’s super sick, but the drugstore isn’t even open this early.

8:30 am: Movers show up. They’re both about 25, one is about 5 feet tall and the other is a good six feet. The short one looks like “Toast”, a friend from college. I hear the following coming from our garage: “Ummm….are we taking ALL of this stuff?!” Oh SHIT. I leave to run to the drugstore and grab some magazines (to keep me busy while everyone works) and some medicine for Sean.

9:30 am: Movers are rockin’ and rollin’. These dudes can hustle. And so can my husband, who is busting his ass to move box after box after box… I am sitting on the couch. Reading US magazine. Sean gets an email from Norma at our new house, which says that she has confirmation that the appraiser actually KNOWS about us, and may be coming this weekend for the final look at our new house. We know we’ll be in a hotel for at least a week, but maybe (Please God??!!!) we will be able to move in to our new house next weekend???

10:30 am: The three of them are still tagging boxes and loading boxes. We have 150 + boxes. That doesn’t include our furniture. I am sure I am responsible for at least half of those. Which are all filled with SHIT WE DON’T NEED.

12 noon: Yep, still packing the truck. Order pizza for ourselves and the movers.

12:30 Jason and Bill show up. Treadmill and BBQ into J’s car, and the guys drive it to Bill’s house. Movers are busting their asses. Our upstairs furniture is heavy, and our stairs are slippery and steep. Sean is still the “third mover”. God bless him. I am on the couch (which they’ve promised to move last) eating pizza and jalapeno poppers.

3:00 pm: The entire truck is packed. Sean is sick. He’s been sick all day. Poor guy is popping DayQuil and taking shots of Chloraseptic every ten minutes. Now Rylee is sick too. She gets sick all over the back deck, and then comes in and pees all over the (now empty) bedroom. Then she falls over. I start crying. Call Sean to come upstairs. We’re trying to figure out if she’s relapsing from her brain tumor, or if she’s just fed up with watching all of her furniture dissapear and sitting in a messed up house for the last week. Decide to take her to the vet. I run to the corner store to grab paper towels to clean up the mess, since we have now packed every single thing we own.

3:30 Movers leave. Sean and I say goodbye to our house, goodbye to our city view, and goodbye to the years where we spent our time as newlyweds. Caravan over to the vet.

4:30 The vet checks Rylee out. Runs more tests. Isn’t too concerned. He thinks that Rylee could have been having a bad reaction to the meds she’s taking. Sort of like being stoned. We decide to stop her doses of pain meds to see if that helps her to not be a walking zombie. Breathe a sigh of relief.

4:45 Get on the freeway. It takes us an hour just to get from South SF to the start of the bridge. Wave goodbye to the city skyline as we get on the bridge. PEACE OUT San Francisco!

6:45 Pull in to our home away from home, the Summerfield Suites. Susie and Matt have left us some great welcome gifts, and it makes me want to cry. Bottled water and little snacks are exactly what we desperately need right now! Sean unloads all of the suitcases from the car, takes a shower, and passes out cold in bed. He has a raging fever, a horrible sore throat, and chills. It’s 75 degrees out and he’s just put a third layer of clothes on. Not to mention, he’s exhausted from an entire day spent moving. I unpack our bags and he lets the NyQuil start working it’s magic.

7:00 pm Rylee is passed out in her “safe place” under the desk in the hotel room. Her breathing sounds better.

9:00 pm: I head out to grab some chicken soup for Sean and dinner for me. And a thermometer. Sean definitely has a fever.

10:00 pm: Rylee wakes up and gives me the “death stare”. She looks at me with hate in her eyes and tries to figure out where the hell she is. Sean is fast asleep in the other room and Rylee can’t see him, so she looks at me as if to say “YOU kidnapped me!” I slowly convince her to go outside with me for a walk. I figure that she’s had no problem peeing in our house every day for the past week, so why wouldn’t she mind peeing all over the hotel room (which is carpeted…everywhere). With a few nudges, she’s outside and peeing in the grass. Thank god.

11:30 pm: We’re all in bed. Goodnight Moon. Goodnight old lady whispering hush. Tomorrow will be a new day.


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