Dear Max,

Well, it’s about time that I write a little bit about what has been going on behind the scenes of your blog. There are a few big changes that are about to happen, and I have been hesitant to post them here for many reasons. But this is a journal about how we prepared for you to join our family, and I want to start telling you about a new adventure that will be changing our lives in many ways.

After 3 years in our beautiful little Noe Valley house, we are getting ready to move! Our journey to our new house has been full of twists and turns (and it still is!). The past few months have been pretty stressful and scary, because there are many things that we found we couldn’t control in this process. Still, we keep thinking about how important it’s going to be to give you more space to run and play, and how nice it will be to settle in to our new lives together when you come home. Your daddy has been SuperMan during this process. He’s worked so hard to take care of every little detail. He has fought the forces of evil, walked through fire, and has been eating, sleeping, and breathing hard work for many many weeks and months. Our new house is truly his gift to you, and to me.

I have sat on the new carpet on the floor of your nursery, and looked around at the emptiness there until I could imagine you sleeping peacefully in your new crib, surrounded by all of your special things. I have touched the counters in our new kitchen, dreaming of the meals that we will cook as a family. Your dad has imagined where your high chair will fit next to our chairs, and how you and Rylee will play together in the “man cave” downstairs. We can see you running through the grass of the park behind our house, and swimming in the pool with the other kids from our block.

We still have a ways to go before we can breathe a sigh of relief and have our first good night’s sleep in our new house. So take your time coming out….we still have lots to do before you get here!




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