Today is a very special day….for two reasons:

1. Max is due June 5th, which means that we are now only ONE month away from his due date! The final countdown begins!

But most importantly, today is FAMILY DAY!

Every year for the past 13 years, we have celebrated the special day that Katie joined our family. Family Day is about remembering together how lucky we are to be a family, and how blessed we have been to have such an amazing (not-so-little-anymore!) girl in our lives! I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful brother, who is truly my best friend. But I had always ALWAYS wanted a little sister. We dreamed of Katie before she came to us. We prepared her nursery as a family, and made sure that everything was in place. I will never forget our first car ride with her, when Katie came home. She was so tiny, and her little head kept flopping forward in the car seat when she fell asleep. Scottie and I took turns holding her head up with a palm to her forehead, the other shielding her face from the sun. It wouldn’t take long before she learned to waddle around in her diaper, look super cute in the silly outfits that we dressed her up in, and laugh an infectious giggle when we chased her through the house. From dance class, to kindergarten, and now to (almost) high school….my brilliant little sister continues to be an incredible friend, super-smart student, and kind, thoughtful, young woman who is such a huge blessing to have in our lives. Katie, I am so honored to be your big sis, and I can’t wait for you to be Max’s Aunt. I know that you will teach him all of the important things in life, like how to be a great friend, how to have a good sense of humor, how to eat sushi with the big kids, how to Skype, how to dress cool, how to say things in three different languages, and how to make the best do-it-yourself fro-yo in town (a little bit of yogurt, LOTS of toppings!). We love you SO much, and are thinking about you and mom and sending you huge hugs on this very special FAMILY DAY!


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