Ahhhhh…….maternity leave. Or as Sean puts it “This is NOT a vacation. You should be resting and putting your feet up, not doing three million things!” Ummm…..ok. I’ll see what I can do.

So far, my maternity leave hasn’t been incredibly exciting, but it’s been pretty damn relaxing.

Monday: Lunch with my friend Darin. Long lunch. No deadline to get back to work in under an hour. No clients or co-workers to be concerned about. Took advantage of being pregnant by having Darin run out to feed the meter for me. Three times.

Tuesday: Big fat nothing. A few minor chores around the house. Made tacos for dinner. Wow…that was pretty active and exhausting. Felt pretty fabulous about my cooking skills, even though the tacos were super easy.

Wednesday: Prenatal massage. Heavenly. Wanted to stay there all day. Met Sean for dinner at our favorite comfort food restaurant, Home. (Pot pie, mac n cheese, and bourbon banana bread pudding. I will hate myself for that when I get on the Dr’s scale next week.) Loved how sweet and attentive Sean was when I showed up. He rubbed my belly and gave me a big kiss. Lots of PDA. Wow, maybe I’m not just “Frumpy Pregnant Woman” after all. Found out later that he was being hit on by the two guys next to him at the bar, and had used me to show his “straightness”. Ahhhhh……I love the Castro!

Thursday: Slept in. Though it’s not really considered sleeping in when you’re up all night, right? Sean gave me a back massage as I was waking up. Awesome. Went to the little cafe together down the street for brunch. In the middle of the day on a THURSDAY. Now THIS is what maternity leave is all about! Felt like I could continue the activity level. Went to the mall. Found some great maternity pants with a stretchy waist. Some shirts at Forever 21 to make me feel “Spring-Y”. Was feeling pretty good….and pretty active….until I spent an hour too long at the black hole that is Target. That’ll completely F you up if you’re 34 (35 tomorrow!) flippin’ weeks pregnant! Woman in dressing room area at Target took pity on me and gave me the extra-large wheelchair accessible dressing room. When I picked up our dinner tonight from the cafe down the street, the guy gave me my lemonade for free because he felt bad that I had to wait. I guess it helps to look pregnant and ready to keel over.

Now I’m convinced that I could have the Swine Flu from being at the mall. I’ll keep you posted on my diagnosis. Feeling a little stir-crazy, but still…..I’M ON MATERNITY LEAVE!


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