From Kim’s Mom Barbara, Max’s Baubee:

Last night I attended a Grandparenting Class given by Sharp Healthcare in San Diego. Peter (aka Zaydee) couldn’t go because he was sick. So Baubee did it alone. What an experience! There were about 15 couples there – some looked old enough to be my parents, others young enough to be my kids. We were all given baby dolls to use for our infant CPR training and receiving blankets so we could learn the famous “swaddle technique.” Now those of you who know me well know that I have always hated CPR training. When I worked at the clinic we were required to complete adult CPR training every year. The clinic was staffed not only by therapists but by doctors – residents completing their training to become psychiatrists. So given that there were, at any time, about 20 docs on hand in the clinic why were the therapists having to take CPR training?? If someone keeled over in the waiting room would I really be the first one they would look for to perform CPR? Probably not. So I never paid much attention in CPR class.

But that was then. Now I’m going to be Baubee to little Max and I paid attention. Big time. I know exactly how to do it. I practiced like crazy on my cute little baby CPR mannequin – did the rescue breaths and the compressions, made sure the chest rose, checked my technique with the instructor. God forbid I ever need to use it – but if I ever do I’m ready!! And I also know how to help him if he chokes, and the importance of sleeping on his back, and how to get the police station guy to check to make sure the car seat is in right. I know how to swaddle him properly and make the “shushing” sound, and how to rock and swing him till he calms down. I know that grandparents have to be careful not to criticize, that a lot has changed since we had our kids, and that being supportive of the new mom and dad is very important. And I know from talking to other grandparents there last night that being a grandparent is just the best thing ever!!

So Kim and Sean, I promise to be the best Baubee that I can be. I can’t wait to meet your little boy. And I will help and support you two as parents in every way for as long as I live. Thank you for including me on this amazing journey.



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