Max got to spend the week celebrating Spring Break with Aunt Katie and Uncle Scott…..and we had so much fun!

We hit the mall, found some great restaurants in SF, saw the movie ’17 Again’, met up with friends for lunches, battled the voice system on our new car, and shared lots of funny memories of when we were all a lot younger.

I can’t wait for Max to learn about life from Aunt Katie and Uncle Scott. He’ll learn how to surf, how to tell funny jokes, how to chat on Facebook, how to play the piano, and so many other things. They’ll help him with homework, teach him some Spanish, and make sure that he’s wearing cool outfits. I bet he’ll have Katie’s love of desserts (mmm….lemonade popsicles!) and Scottie’s love of good Mexican food (especially if it’s from Taco Surf). They’ll both make him laugh, teach him how to swim, and tell him stories about our family and all of the fun things to come.

Thanks Scott and Katie, for a wonderful week!


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