Max has been moving around so much lately! I can still feel him kick pretty regularly, but because his little apartment is getting much smaller (well, it’s actually because he’s getting much bigger!) I’m finally starting to feel lots of rolls and waves as he moves his whole body around!

As I was typing a few minutes ago, Sean was able to feel the outline of Max’s back (or was it his head? or his butt?) along the side of my belly. Then he could SEE my belly shake and move as Max did a little dance and had some hiccups. Max is big enough that I can feel him push himself up into my ribs AND kick my bladder at the SAME time!

This past week, Max even said his first official “Hello” to my mom, Nancy, and Katie. Katie felt him move while we were having paella at dinner. She reached over to feel him kick and he gave her a good, strong “thump”. Nancy felt his spine tucked into the side of my belly, and got some kicks hello. My mom felt thumps and rolls, and felt Max move into his favorite spot (pressed up against my right side…so much so that my belly gets lopsided!). Apparently he really liked the French food that we had last night, because when she reached over to feel my belly at the restaurant, he was going nuts! At one point, Sean came over to feel too….which caused a bit of a spectacle in the restaurant…”Don’t worry people, I am NOT going into labor next to the escargot and the french onion soup!

My mom and Nancy were able to talk to Max….and I’m sure he heard them too! Sean has been making a point of telling Max very important life lessons at night. Things like baseball stats, what sports he should play when he gets bigger, and a few political lessons that I refuse to post here. He’s talked to him about how he’ll be a great sleeper, and he’s told him about Rylee.

I can only imagine what the next 6-ish weeks will hold for all of us. Just when I think it’s impossible to get any bigger….I get bigger. Just when I start feeling like I am still SO far away from June 5th….I realize that OH MY GOD IT’S ALMOST MAY AND MAY IS ALMOST JUNE AND MY BOOKS SAY THAT I AM GOING TO HAVE THIS BABY IN A MONTH AND A HALF AND THAT IS SOOOOO SOON!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention, that after months of saying “I’ll do that when I go on maternity leave” or “you’re not supposed to worry about that until you’re well into your third trimester” I’m realizing that I HAVE ARRIVED at that time! I really should start thinking about packing a hospital bag/going to my childbirth classes/making a list of people to text-email-call when Max is born/take some maternity photos/figure out how to put the stroller together…and the list goes on! OK, I’ll tackle those tasks. Just as soon as I take a nap and have a popsicle.


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