Tonight Max experienced his very first Passover Seder! I have a feeling that this was the QUIETEST he’ll be during a Seder for many years to come!

We joined our good friends Jason and Rick at Rick’s parent’s house in the South Bay (as we did last year), and were blessed to be surrounded by such a loving, warm group of people. Rick’s Dad always puts such thought into the prayers, and writes his own version of the Haggadah each year. Rick’s Mom and their dear friend Lane are wonderful hosts, and Lane cooks an amazing selection of “Jew Food” for all of us to enjoy. Matzo Ball soup, brisket, veggies, matzo kugel, salad, yams….and my husband ate THREE pieces of gefilte fish!

We all took turns reading from the Haggadah, and focused on the theme of “Freedom” this year. I was really touched by how inclusive Rick, Jason, and their family are. Max enjoyed it all too…especially when all 12 of us sang Dayenu, and Max was doing a little dance! There was something so peaceful and beautiful about experiencing our culture and our religion with Max. Sean reached over and put his hand on my belly for a while, and we shared in the wonder of feeling our son move around in his own poetic way. It made me think about all of the Seders that I had growing up, of the matzo ball soup made at home and the family traditions that we’ve shared. There was wonderful comfort in knowing that family and friends throughout the country were having their very own Seders, saying the same Hebrew prayers, and eating the same delicious food. We can’t wait to share these things with Max, and to help him learn about the ties of Judaism that bind our families together.

Next year in Jerusalem….and next year with Max by our side!


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