I had my 32 week appointment today, and little Max is doing great!

The appointment was short and sweet, but answered all of our questions. I’m measuring at 32 this week….right on track. Though I suppose he could’ve rounded up since last time I freaked and made him offer me a “growth ultrasound”. I asked about all of the swelling in my feet and legs, and apparently….”It’s totally fine. You’re not a very puffy person anyway”. Really Doc? I love you for saying that!

AND I only gained ONE pound. ONE pound people! I was sure that judging by the looks of my legs and feet, I had put on ten pounds of water weight…but nope. Just a single “one please” pound! I shouldn’t gloat though. My tiny little pound just balances out the MANY pounds that I gained before the LAST appointment….yeah….I don’t think I blogged about those 🙂

The doctor also gave us a form to fill out to pre-register at the hospital, and suggested that we set up our hospital tour. I have two more rounds of “every two weeks” appointments, and then at 36 weeks I go to “once a week”. HOWEVER, the doctor reminded us that 70% of women deliver anywhere between one week before and one week after their due date, so he doesn’t see any reason at this point why I would go too early. Thanks Doc. Because we can use ALL the time we can get to actually put our nursery (and the rest of our house) together!

Max…..A+ for you today little guy!


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