Pregnancy gives you wacky dreams. Last night I dreamt that Sean played football, and that I was driving him to practice. I even woke up to the memory of a detailed conversation that I overheard between him and his coach regarding offense and defense. Bizarre.

One of the great things about being awake during the night is that I can see and feel Max move when I’m just lying there with nothing else to do. Early in the morning, I was lying still and rested my hand on the top of my belly. Suddenly, Max gave me a little fly-by! I could feel him moooooooove across the very top of my belly, like he was brushing my hand to say hello. It was absolutely unreal. I had felt him kick my hand before, and had felt the rolling movements from the inside, but never from the outside. Then I realized that if I looked hard enough, I could actually SEE him move. Either a kick would make my belly bounce, or a roll would make a little wave beneath my skin. Pretty amazing.


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