1 am: wake up to pee. rearrange pillows.

3 am: wake up with horrible leg cramp. wake Sean up. cramp goes away, then returns. have to pee. limp to bathroom to pee. rearrange pillows.

5 am: wake up to pee. rearrange pillows. stretch legs because now I’m terrified of leg cramps.

7:30 am: alarm goes off. hit snooze.

7:45 am: alarm goes off. hit snooze.

8:00 am: alarm goes off. hit snooze.

8:10 am: Max is kicking me so hard that I start laughing. And I have to pee. Prop myself up in bed so the “pee feeling” goes away, and Sean puts his hand on my belly to feel Max kick for a while. Realize that we probably COULD SEE him kick if we were watching my stomach instead of falling back to sleep. Then again, he’s kicking so low sometimes that Sean would have to sit up to look. Because clearly I can not see (and have not seen) the “under side” of my huge belly for quite some time now.

8:15 am: Stumble downstairs. Realize that if I want to have time to shower, I will not be blow-drying my hair this morning. Oh well. It’s raining anyway. Rest my head on the shower wall for a few minutes. While shaving my legs I realize that my legs/ankles/feet are HUGE. Oh my god. I am going to swell to death. Is this a normal part of being pregnant? Quick check of my face and hands when I get out of the shower. The books say that if you’re going to swell to death your face and hands will swell first. So far so good.

9:15 am: The clothing process begins. What goes with a wet-hair ponytail? Settle on layers that can be removed, because even though it’s freezing cold today, I will be boiling by mid-afternoon. Shoes. Please god let it just be next week so that I can wear flip-flops EVERY DAY.

10:00 am: Stumble into the office. Heat up my tea/soy milk concoction in the microwave. Notice the odd smell this creates and think to myself that “It’s ok….it just smells like marshmallows”. While drinking tea at my desk ten minutes later, realize that one whole side of the paper cup is BLACK. And the marshmallow smell? That was the smell of BURNT marshmallows. You know, like when they’re on fire and you have to blow them out? Yep…apparently I had been about 3 seconds away from my cup catching on fire in the microwave. Compose a few emails to clients. Proof-read them and realize that they do not make ANY sense. Check email for a while until my brain re-sets itself. Ahhhh….pregnancy brain.

Now, circa 3:30 pm, I am ready to put my head down on my desk and have a good long nap. I’ve tried all the tricks to stay awake. Walked to Starbucks in the freezing cold, hoping that it would start raining on me. Drank a strawberry lemonade for a sugar rush (Max sure loved it…HE’S wide awake, but I’m about to pass out.) Waiting patiently for 5 o’clock, and reminding myself that (say it with me all you new mamas out there) “This is NOTHING compared to how tired I’ll be when the baby comes home!”


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  1. But Kim, you’re supposed to know the answers, I’m trusting you to pave the road for me. 🙂 I’m beyond exhausted today (day three of being up and about by 5:00am for no particular reason, after being awake half the night because I can’t get comfortable). I was going to email you for tips on comfy sleep, but it sounds like you’re struggling too. Hope you’re having an easy day at work and can get some better sleep tonight!

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