“It’s just a jump to the left…
And a step to the riiiiiiighhht.
Put your hands on your hips….
And bring your knees in tiiiiighhhht…..”

Ok…so that was my FORMER life. But it felt like the Time Warp today when we stepped into Babies R Us around 1:30, and emerged THREE AND A HALF HOURS LATER. I think we may have lost a good four years of our lives in there today! That place is a black hole of baby supplies….especially when you’re armed with a registry gun, and able to ZAP things at will.

It all started out innocently enough. We found some cute wall letters that spelled M-A-X. We found some crib sheets that were modern and simple. Zap. A hamper. Zap. Some pee pads so the kid doesn’t pee (poop, or puke) through the modern and simple sheets. Zap. Then we ventured over to the nursery furniture…..and this is where it started to get rough. We thought we knew which crib and changing table we wanted, and all we were going to do was BUY IT. But…wait….what about this one? Oooh….or this one? So we sat down for a good half hour and called my mom, who looked up the new cribs online to check out their safety ratings. And then we compared different colors. Chocolate brown. Cherry brown. Espresso brown. This one looks too shaky. This one looks too big. This one looks juuuust right. And you have ONE left in stock? It’s meant to be! We’ll take it! Finally settled on a great crib from Babi Italia, the brand that was our first choice originally, but in a different model. But we didn’t love the matching changing table. What’s that, Babies R Us? You said if we drink the Kool Aid…I mean, spend $500…..we get the mattress for free? Well in that case….we like THIS changing table (different brand, different shade of brown, but what the hey….Max is a modern kid). Ring it up!

At this point we were delirious. We stumbled through the mobile section. Daddy loves the sports one…..zap. While we’re at it, what newborn doesn’t need a baseball nightlight? Zap. Add a few practical things, like baby laundry detergent and a headrest thingie for the carseat….zap zap. Wait, Sean….come back over here! Oh fine….why not add some rattles that look like the characters from The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and a Cookie Monster teething toy? Zap. Zap. Zap…

Now we know exactly why they hand you the registry gun, followed by “There are drinks and snacks to the left, if you need them.” Get. Us. Outta. Here.

Even though Sean is sound asleep right now, and I’m typing deliriously while sprawled on our couch…..we’ve practically furnished Max’s nursery!!!!! With our crib (tucked neatly away in Sus and Matt’s garage….thanks guys!), our changing table (officially ordered), and our new glider/recliner (on it’s way too) we are sooooo much closer to having a cozy little nursery for Max! Even though I can no longer feel my feet.


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