One of the saving graces about being pregnant at the exact same time as your best friend, is that you can email each other during the day about VERY important pregnancy-related issues.

Like the email that I got from Sus last week…..which was a detailed description of the new frozen yogurt store in P-Town. Katie…this is exactly like the place by your house that we LOVE. 1o different fro-yo flavors, and a MILLION different do-it-yourself toppings!

Even though we had just had a huge dinner, who could stop us from cruising by for some cookies n cream yogurt topped with Cap’n Crunch, Kit Kat, gummi bears, three blackberries, and some cheesecake bites?? Uh-huh…..I’m PREGNANT, people!

Had to get a shot of us holding our pregnant bellies in one hand and our fro-yo in the other!

But the best part was when we took this shot of Dad 1 and Dad 2….or as Matt referred to the two of them at dinner, “The Inseminators”. Yes folks, they are so overjoyed at how amazing their wives….I mean lives…..are, that they are holding hands, relishing every moment of excitement about being new dads and new neighbors.


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  1. You two are such hot mamas! Looking great! I’m just catching up on your blog and I’m totally cracking up. I can hear your voice in my head! Give that little guy a rub for me!

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