• Max is kicking the crap out of me. I love it, but it is WEIRD. And it’s not just a kick here and there, sometimes it’s a whole Bob Fosse routine that feels like fireworks are going off in my belly. I love that Sean can feel Max’s kicks from the outside now. But every time he kicks hard, I start laughing….and then look around to see if anyone else noticed!
  • Sean has been such an awesome partner through all of this. He is kind and considerate and patient when I am exhausted and can’t…..take…..another…..step. He gets mad when I work too much and reminds me that the baby and my health are a priority. He cooks for us (and is in the kitchen making caramel brownies right now when I told him to buy them so that I could make them for HIM). He brings me stuff when I am on the couch. He lets me sleep all weekend if I need to. He carries the groceries. Yesterday he said that he liked it when I wore tight shirts that showed off how pregnant I am, and today he noticed that “it’s really only your belly that’s growing…..the sides of you are still the same”. He plans our days and weekends around how much rest I might need, and what will be the least amount of stress on us. And he is constantly dreaming with me about what our life will be like when Max arrives. I am SO freakin’ lucky.
  • I love grapes. I know that this seems small compared to the last paragraph (and it is), but these are my random thoughts. Except I’ve noticed that grapes make you have to pee more. Do not eat grapes before you go to bed.
  • I am so pregnant now that everyone and their mother comments on my pregnancy. People I have never met before give me unsolicited advice and tell me their stories. It’s quite strange, but also strangely validating. I guess I’m still surprised that people can tell I’m pregnant?!
  • I’m still wearing shirts from Forever 21, but with maternity tanks and camis underneath. However, I have the sinking feeling that this will not last my entire pregnancy. I did find a white skirt at Motherhood Maternity last weekend, and for those of you who have known me for a while….you will remember that EVERY SPRING AND SUMMER I wear the same white skirt OVER AND OVER. I love my white skirt. And now I have one that fits my belly! Bring on the sunshine!
  • I do not have stretch marks yet. This might be TMI, but whatever, this is my blog. I check every day to see if they have appeared. And the simple act of writing this and putting it out into the universe means that I will probably get them tomorrow, but for now…..it’s regular lotion or body oil every day, even though I’ve heard that it doesn’t always make a difference because stretch marks are genetic. (Side note: My prenatal massage therapist–who is also a doula–reminded me that they are genetic and asked if my mom OR MOTHER IN LAW had them. Now people, I may have only gotten a C in Genetics in college, but whether or not my mother in law had stretch marks DOES not affect whether or not I will! The funny thing about pregnancy brain is that for a minute, I actually considered this. And then had the “Are you stupid?” conversation with myself.) You can, however, see my blue veins through my translucent skin. Fun. And as I was reading this post to my lovely husband who I was gushing over a second ago, he joked “Well maybe you just had some extra room there to begin with”. And then gave me a hard time for not understanding he was KIDDING. Uh-huh.
  • I can still shave my legs. I can’t, however, paint my toes. All the more reason to go get a pedicure.

That’s all for now…..my brownies are almost done……


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