Now that Max’s kicks are super strong, Sean can easily feel Max moving around when he puts his hand on my belly. I don’t even have to say anything and Sean says “Felt that…and that. And that.” Not only does Max kick (and maybe punch?), but now we can feel him roooollllllll….and this morning he had a long string of hiccups. Or maybe he was just dancing and had perfect rhythm?

Rylee is starting to process that things are changing. We can only imagine what her brain is thinking right now….. “You said we’re going to live WHERE? And what’s this about a BABY?”

This morning we caught her having a heart to heart with Moses. “Dear God, please don’t let them kick me out of the bedroom. God, if you let me stay in there when the baby comes, I promise I’ll be less stinky and I won’t bother anyone. Amen.”


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