Introducing the Silver Bullet! We realized that in order to truly be good parents, we needed a car that would actually fit a car seat. Max probably couldn’t ride in his Dad’s slick Z4 until he was oh, about 10 years old….and my car was at the end of it’s lease… we gave in and bought (well, leased) an SUV. Yes, we are one step away from owning a Mom Van. But for now, it’s still one HUGE step away.

This is our new Acura RDX, complete with all of the important features. Like a nav system that will help me to find Kerry, Kerrin and Jenny when we meet for lunch. And a built in blue-tooth phone system that you can dial by using your voice. For when I need to call Susie and tell her that Max and I are almost to Starbucks so can she grab a table if she gets there first? Oh, and it has a great safety rating, and built in thingies for Max’s car seat, and an XM radio system and 6 disc changer…..I mean, it has child safety locks and great airbags. And apparently it’s a Turbo. Which means nothing to me. I just like that the interior is black, and that there’s lots of little spaces to hold my stuff. Look for us driving through your town soon!

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