The past few days have been a pretty crazy whirlwind. Here’s a quick recap:

Tuesday: (Almost) 30 week doctor’s appointment. Max’s heartbeat sounds great. My blood pressure is nice and low. BUT I’m still measuring at 28, just like 2 weeks ago. Doctor isn’t concerned. I’m concerned. Why? Because I read too much on the internet. Doctor suggests that we go for a Growth Ultrasound to give me peace of mind. “Why? Because I’m worried about it, or because YOU’RE worried about it?” I ask. Doctor literally ROLLS HIS EYES at me and says “I’M not worried.”

Birthday Celebration. My incredible husband bought us tickets to go see Wicked. We had a great dinner right around the corner from the theatre, walked over to the theatre and realized……it was the wrong theatre. Flew down Market St. to the RIGHT theatre, where my amazing husband found an awesome parking spot and managed to get us in our seats with 10 seconds to curtain.

Thursday: Went for Growth Ultrasound. Max looks great, but was curled up nice and tight in there so we didn’t get too many pictures. His heart looked strong and good, his measurements were perfect, my fluid levels were fine. He’s a whopping 3 pounds 2 ounces, and in the 47th percentile for growth. Hero Ultrasound Doc (my friends see him too….he’s fabulous, and I love him more than my regular doctor) reminded us that the tape measure that the doctor uses isn’t always an accurate measurement, and that some women just “hide” their babies a little.

Friday: Woke up this morning feeling like crap. Super sore throat, but figured it was just from teaching a 2 1/2 hour workshop until 10 last night. Spent about 15 minutes in bed with Sean’s hand on my belly, where he felt EVERY amazingly strong kick that Max gave, over and over and over. It was absolutely incredible!

Started to get ready for work and realized that I couldn’t see the TV, even with my contacts in. Tried glasses. Same problem. Vision was clouded with what I can only describe as “rays of light” like I used to get before a migraine. No biggie, right? But then one flicker of light became two, and two became four, and soon I was sitting on the couch upstairs and could only see clearly through a tiny little tunnel of eyesight. Sean was next to me and I couldn’t see him in my peripheral vision. Called the OB who already thinks I’m a hypochondriac and let the nurse know that my vision was blurry. Asked her if I should run by my regular doctor’s office (5 blocks away) to get my blood pressure checked. “You need to go to the hospital” she said. “The WHAT? Why?” “Any time you have vision changes in pregnancy, you need to get checked out right away. You should head over to Labor and Delivery so that they can check you out”. We had never researched any hospitals in the City. So at 9 am we drove to CPMC, walked in to the emergency room feeling ridiculous, and had them check me out. Blood pressure was normal. Vision got better. ER doc said that it was probably migraine related brought on by the hormone changes from my pregnancy. Left the hospital with strict orders to go home and rest. That wasn’t hard to do when the headache started. Woke up to the funeral for the OPD officers on TV. Watched the whole thing. Cried my eyes out.

Oh, and we got news about our upcoming, ummm….transition. Transition was slated to happen by the end of April. Surprise! Not an option until, oh… least mid-May. Max’s new digs just won’t be ready until then. But Max’s old digs ummmm…..expire……the end of April.

Spent some time researching temporary housing, hotels, and storage facilities. Sean had a few drinks. We had some good laughs about the possibility of sharing a hotel suite with Rylee for three weeks. One 7.5 month pregnant woman and a husband drunk on bourbon decided that we needed a chinese food binge. We ordered so much food that the lady asked if we needed 4 sets of chopsticks.

Here’s a picture of our night. ALL of the chinese food. And my hospital bracelets. Why? Why not. When Sean hugged me and rubbed my belly to say hello to Max, I told him that there was no one I would rather be stuck in a hotel room with for three weeks. I am so lucky to have the funniest, most kind-hearted, responsible, caring, loving partner in the world. Not to mention, he believes in the philosophy that a good order of chinese food and catching up on TIVO shows can heal anything. Goodnight folks. Tomorrow is a new day.


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  1. You can come live with us…Caleb and Rylee could entertain one another! What fun would we have?!!! Oh, and I love your car! I am jealous! And I think Turbo means “gets one to Vacaville super fast”! Seriuosly…you know you are welcome in our new home if need be!! XOXO

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