I am losing my mind. The other day, I drove home and parked my car on our street. The same street that we have lived on for two years. I found a great spot right across from our house. For a brief second, I thought to myself “There’s much more room on this side than I remember”. Then I got my bags out of the car, walked through our gate, closed the gate, and put the key in the door. But something wasn’t right.

I walked back outside to take a look at the car. I noticed that my view of the neighbor’s garage was blocked. That’s unusual. And then I realized……I was COMPLETELY blocking their driveway. That was not a parking space. In the last two years, that has never been a parking space. I put my bags back in the car, and moved to an entirely different part of the street. While praying that none of our neighbors had witnessed this most embarassing show of “pregnancy brain”.

A few minutes later, Sean came out to meet me, when he couldn’t figure out why he had heard the gate slam, the key in the lock, then the gate slam again and my car start up. Don’t ask why. Just roll with it.


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