Now that I’m another year older, it’s time to renew my driver’s license.

Here’s how the conversation went at the DMV today, circa 8:10 am.

“Any changes to your information?”
“Height and weight the same?”
(Raised eyebrow, glance towards my pregnant belly) “No change in weight?”

Seriously DMV guy? Of course I have gained weight! I am SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT! But what woman in their right mind would choose to have that TEMPORARY (I hope!) weight gain emblazoned on their driver’s license forever!? That is just NOT FAIR.

As I was walking out, some strange man said to me “You’re having a boy, aren’t you?” and winked. It gave me a good laugh. Then later on today, the woman making my deli sandwich said “It’s a boy, isn’t it?” This time I smiled and asked her why she said that. “Because you’re carrying out front. You’re only bigger in your belly. Women who carry girls get big all over, and women who carry boys only show in front.” God bless you deli lady. You make the world’s best turkey, cranberry, havarti sandwich. Can I hug you after you give me my side of broccoli salad??


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