I had an awakening today….a total mind shift followed by pure happiness. You can call it a pregnancy mood swing, but I choose to call it the onset of SPRING HAPPINESS!

It was a gorgeous day today, and even though the temperature outside barely nudged 70, it was sunny and beautiful and sure felt hot to pregnant old me!

It was such a nice day, that I decided I was done with wearing dark colors. No more black skirt/black tank/black sweater combinations for me. So I dressed Max’s condo in some pretty light blue, put on the first pair of open-toed shoes I’ve worn since last summer, and holy crap….I felt like a NEW person! I even treated myself to a cold drink at Starbucks, and soaked in the sunshine on the way back to work. While I was walking, I couldn’t help but think that the gorgeous weather just means that we are one step closer…..to April, when we will have some wonderful NEW things; to May, when I will be off work and able to relax and enjoy the down time before our lives change; and to June, when Max will arrive and we can sit with him at the park by our house, sprawled on a blanket and enjoying the warm wind and fresh air together. There are so many things to be excited about…..and I spent some time today daydreaming about seeing my family in April for my baby shower, having my “Roomie” close by to enjoy the basic day-to-day routines of life with (bbq’s with the “dads”, First Wednesdays without the booze, mani/pedis and gossip…..just like old times!). I imagined getting in our new car, just Max and I, and driving up to visit Jenny, Kerrin, and Kerry and not having to rush back to beat the end of our lunch hour. In my head I can see Max’s nursery taking shape, and where everything will belong. I can see Sean as the amazing dad that I have always known he’ll be, teaching Max about the world through laughter and lots of cuddles and hugs.
There was a lightness inside of me today, that I hadn’t seen in a long time. My “bump” was big and bright, not hidden by black and layered under a jacket. The waiter at dinner tonight put his arm around me, took one look at my belly, and asked if I wanted a “Tropical Spritzer”. Until now, my bump had been pretty hidden, and most waiters would ask if I had seen the cocktail menu. I feel very pregnant today. I am so thrilled to be Max’s mom. I am so ready for the next steps of our lives.

Even Rylee is getting in on all of this joy. She gets to celebrate the end of her treatment tomorrow! Friday marks the last day of her journey to Davis and back, and we are so thrilled at how well she has done with her treatments. The vets at Davis have become wonderful friends to Rylee, and always look forward to seeing her and Sean walk through the door every morning. Here is Rylee with my 29 week belly….she didn’t want to get too close! You can see her IV bandage on her paw….she has been such an amazing trooper, and we have been incredibly blessed to have the chance to watch her heal and become her “old self” again. We love it when she barks at the doorbell now, or runs through the house. She can go up and down the stairs by herself again, can eat and drink without help now, and has been sleeping through the night much more. She can probably teach Max a thing or two when he gets here!
So here’s to new beginnings, 29 weeks, and the start of Spring! May all of you find your own bits of sunshine today!


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  1. You look amazing. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Just looking at your pictures made me smile. Thanks for the smile! Can’t wait to see you at the shower, I still need to RSVP, but won’t miss it for the world!

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